London 2012 gold postboxes

In 2012, Royal Mail celebrated the success of Team GB’s Olympic and Paralympic athletes by painting postboxes gold in their honour. This initiative was a unique way for the public to show their support for the athletes and commemorate their achievements.

The gold postboxes not only served as a symbol of national pride, but also as a tangible reminder of the achievements of the athletes and the hard work and dedication that went into earning a gold medal. The postboxes also became popular tourist attractions, with many people taking photos and selfies with the golden postboxes.

What’s more, for every gold medal winner, Royal Mail produced a set of stamps which were incredibly available to purchase the next day after each win.

The gold postboxes are a unique and creative way that Royal Mail showed their support for the athletes and for the public to get involved in the celebrations. They will always be remembered as a symbol of the success and unity of the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics, and we’ve recorded all their locations so you can find them too.

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